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Since the early 1960’s, Crystal Springs Shopping Center has served the needs of San Mateo, Belmont, and Hillsborough families. Tucked away in the valley, this scenic location needed a center that would provide the basic goods and services that families required.

As the years went on the center saw buildings added and then joined together. In the mid nineties the center went through its biggest transformation yet when it changed from being owned by a group and went to a family ownership. In a complete remodel, the entire Safeway building roofline, façade, and sidewalks were transformed, the building where CVS is today was the old bank building, and it was torn down and built with the drive through just for Longs. It was only the third drive-through allowed in San Mateo. It was soon followed by Walgreens in downtown.


The middle building, well known for long time tenants Dianda’s Italian Bakery and Crystal Springs Fish and Poultry, is now adding Neal's Coffee Shop to Wakariya and Little Hunan. In addition to these tenants, the second story added the professional offices of Crystal Springs Chiropractic, First Family Dental and Children’s Smile Center, and California Cancer Care.

The final addition to the center was a large change which saw the long time free standing Veterinary Clinic become a larger two story building which added The Bar Method, Realty World Martinelli Properties, Dr. Stephan John, Endodontic, and All State Insurance services. All of these tenants help make Crystal Springs Village Shops a destination center that allows the surrounding area the best of convenience and service.




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